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Terms and Conditions

These Vendor Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the relationship between Template Bazaar (“we,” “us,” or “our”) and vendors or designers (“you” or “your”) who wish to sell their designs on the Template Bazaar platform (“Platform”).

1. Vendor Registration
     a. Application: To become a vendor on Template Bazaar, you must apply and be approved by our team. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application at our discretion.
     b. Accurate Information: You agree to provide accurate and complete information during the vendor registration process, including your contact details and payment information.

2. Product Listings
     a. Design Submissions: By uploading designs to the Platform, you represent that you are the rightful owner of the designs or have the necessary rights and permissions to sell them.
     b. Product Descriptions: You are responsible for providing accurate and descriptive information about your designs, including relevant details and specifications.
     c. Intellectual Property: You retain all intellectual property rights to your designs. By listing them on Template Bazaar, you grant us a non-exclusive license to display, market, and sell your designs on the Platform.

3. Sales and Payments
     a. Pricing:
As a vendor on Template Bazaar, you have the flexibility to set the prices for your original designs. The final sale price should be inclusive of our commission and any applicable taxes.
     b. Platform Commission: Template Bazaar will deduct a commission of 15% from each sale of your designs. The remaining amount after deducting the commission will be your earnings from the sale.
     c. Payment Schedule: We will process payments to vendors on a weekly basis. Payments will include earnings from all eligible sales made during the previous week.
     d. Payment Method: Payments will be made to the payment method specified by you in your vendor account settings. It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment information is accurate and up to date.
     e. Currency: All payments will be made in the currency specified by Template Bazaar at the time of payment.
     f. Original Designs Only: By agreeing to sell on Template Bazaar, you confirm that you are the rightful owner of the designs you upload and sell on our platform. You must only sell original designs created by you or for which you have the necessary rights and permissions.
     g. Responsibility for Design Ownership: You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the ownership and authenticity of the designs you sell on Template Bazaar. If you sell any copied or infringing designs, you will be held fully responsible for any legal consequences.
     h. Agreement to Terms: By listing your designs on Template Bazaar, you agree to abide by these Vendor Terms and Conditions, including the requirement to sell only original designs.

4. Responsibilities
     a. Quality Assurance:
You are responsible for the quality and integrity of your designs. We reserve the right to remove or suspend any listings that do not meet our quality standards.
    b. Customer Support: You agree to provide adequate customer support for inquiries, issues, or complaints related to your designs.

5. Compliance
     a. Legal Compliance:
You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including intellectual property rights, privacy laws, and consumer protection laws.
     b. Prohibited Content: You must not upload or sell designs that contain prohibited content, including but not limited to offensive, infringing, or illegal material.

6. Termination
     a. Termination:
We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your vendor account at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to violation of these Terms.

7. Modifications
    a. Updates to Terms:
We may update or modify these Terms from time to time. Any changes will be communicated to you, and continued use of the Platform constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms.

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